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Knowing Me!

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I gave life a chance!

A woman who celebrates femininity in all its glory | The favorite child of the universe (I 100% believe in this!) | The Monica to my Chandler(Arun) | Mother to Tony Stark ( My beagle lad) | A self Taught Painter | Happy and vivid reader | Believer of the planet as a global village | Learner for life | Naughty Sister | Grateful Daughter | and finally a Meticulous Organizer! 

What do I love?

Beaches, mountains, sunrises, and sunsets.

I can live on corn/mango for all 3 meals of the day. 

Backpacking and traveling is my reset button!

I am guilty of hoarding books, plants, and varieties of teas. 

Leave me in a class as a mentor and I am sure to walk out with at least twice the energy that how I started

Mantras for life: 

There is always time for what you love! 

When your intentions are right the whole universe conspires to bring that thought into reality!

When you can be anything in the world, be kind!

Compassion is having a soft front with a strong back! 


I'M POSSIBLE! ( that's how it should be spelt)

Founder of HowNWhy Education, Partner at The Tall Elephant

What do I do? 

14 years and counting in the education sector. Edtech in  K-12 to a faculty in Engineering to FTM corporate training, I have done it all. 

My forte: 

Operations and Risk Management, Organic growth of startups, People and Process Management

Where are my time and effort invested over the next 5 years? 

Work in the space of knitting Socio-Emotional learning and Transformative Technology Education principles into all forms of Ed Systems. Enabling systems and tools that can be used by individuals for self-exploration and rebuilding oneself!

My secret recipe to reach here: 

Be organized! Make sure you hold yourself accountable and remember to work on yourself every day. 

Train and allow people to lead. Do not Micro-Manage. Use that time to work on unsolved problems or your passion projects.

Every obstacle is a wave that has the capacity to launch you to newer horizons. Build teams on human relations and values.

Always remember that what you sow is what you reap.  Stand by what you believe in, however difficult or draining it may be. There is no shortcut to a sound sleep other than standing by your values. 



Time is relative. There is always time for what you love! All Ways and Always!

World Youth Leader: UNESCO | Founder of Project Njaan | Expert Collaborator: House of Genius(IIMB) | Mentor for Change: Niti Aayog, India | Advisory Board Member: Beyond Exams 

If there is one way that one can ensure that the future of all kinds of life is safe, I strongly believe it is only through education. And education need not only be confined to classrooms and systems under universities. 

My passion projects currently: 

Collecting and sharing wisdom from people of different walks of life

Sharing my knowledge with kids beyond the boundaries of my organization 

Supporting and facilitating global projects on Compassion and Socio-Emotional Skills

Enabling Education Start-Ups with the knowhow's, vision mapping, and mentoring based on my forte of experience.  

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