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This is my e-home. 

Space for us to connect, collaborate and have some fun learning together!

You will find, my learnings, tools that I use, projects that I work on, my perspectives, reviews and much more here.

I am super excited to host you here!

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A window to everything new that is happening related to my projects.

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Journals, Calendars and More

If I have to put my finger on one thing that redefined my way of living, it has to be JOURNALING. Hands down! Nothing else comes close by.

My Journal keeps me accountable like a good friend, holds my sanity like a guide, is a treasure house of all my dreams and fulfilled memories, and a partner whom I rely on for almost everything. 

After a decade of journaling, I am finally putting together a planner and journal book that will be a space for everything life has to offer. Launching soon!

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Enabling schools with the wings of Transformative Education

If there is one thing that we can do today to change the world for a better tomorrow then it should be education. Here is how we get students to ask questions about everything in the universe and help them find answers to a few!

HowNWhy is a holistic learning approach where the learning happens beyond the boundaries of subjects or the syllabus. It's a curriculum that blends all of Science, Art, Applied Science, and Technology together to present it to the student in its truest form. All this put together in collaboration with the best in each of the industries. 

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Collection of Life Lessons

The pandemic for sure has elevated all of us in different ways. It closed a few doors forever and carved new unknown avenues towards a better life. 

The newness that was seeded in my life was Project Njaan. Where I collect life lessons from people from different walks of life. I hope this becomes an e-repository for all of us who are seeking light and are looking for a guide who has walked that path. 

Want to be a wisdom donor? Willing to learn from others? 




Gift Wrapped

A bundle of love!

Here are all of the specially hand-picked and carefully packaged free downloads of tools, spreads, and techniques which have contributed to becoming the person I am today. I have tried and tested them for months if not years together before putting them here! Sharing all of them with the hope that they impact your life way better or at least as much as mine

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What is life teaching me?

If life was a treasure hunt that our souls choose to venture into, here is a few of the gems and experiences I have collected over time. I hope these life lessons help you in navigating towards the treasures you are looking for!

Best pieces of my life learnings are here! 

Empty Chairs

Want to learn from me?

Bitten by the teaching bug way early in life, I spend a total of 400 hours every year deep diving and sharing my learnings with the world as a mentor on subjects from Self-love and Compassion to Time Management to Operations Excellence and Edtech Industry knowhows. 
Want to join my next cohort?


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